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Preparedness For Your Needs


Delaware is susceptible to many emergency situations, such as natural disasters, pandemics, technological disasters and terrorism. Some of these situations can occur in an instant and some can occur with a few days notice. This section will provide more information to help individuals prepare for an emergency.

Individuals with Access and Functional Needs

Do you have a disability or medical condition; do you have pets or service animals; do you lack transportation? These are all situations in which you, a family member, or a community member may need additional assistance in the event of a disaster. This section helps to assess your access and functional needs in a disaster to plan and respond appropriately .


Working with your neighbors can help save lives and property. It is important to meet with neighbors and others in your community to discuss what could happen during an emergency. Organizations such as church, civic and other community groups may have programs that can assist you and your neighbors in preparing for emergencies. This section provides guidance to you, as a member of your community, on how to prepare your community for a disaster .


The Division of Public Health and the healthcare system will need to continue to operate during disasters. Public Health and Healthcare Providers manage many services that are activated based on the type and the severity of the disaster situation. This section provides additional information to Healthcare Providers to prepare for disaster situations .


Child and education centers such as schools and daycares are essential parts of the community and present unique challenges in disaster preparedness. This section provides information on school preparedness and resources .


Delaware is the home to many corporate headquarters and small businesses that may be affected in a disaster. Continued operation of private businesses, which own 85% of the country’s critical infrastructure, is vital to the welfare of the public during and after disasters. Business continuity and crisis management can be complex issues depending on the particular industry, size and scope. Creating a Business Continuity Plan helps improve the likelihood that your company will survive and recover. This section provides more information on workplace preparedness .