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1901 N. Du Pont Highway, Biggs Bldg.
New Castle, DE 19720
DMS ARMS: (302)255-9010
DMS IRM: (302)255-9150
DSS: (302)255-9500
DVI: (302) 255-9800
DVI DIB: (302) 255-9855

Biggs Building

Built: circa 1952
Purpose: The Biggs Building contains parts of three DHSS divisions. Its occupants provide administrative, business related and client services functions.
  • Division of Management Services(DMS)
    • Audit and Recovery Management Services (ARMS)
    • Information Resource Management(IRM) (or Biggs Data Center)
  • Division of Social Services(DSS)
    • DCIS II PC Support
    • Deloitte & Touche Consultants
  • Division for the Visually Impaired(DVI)
    • Administrative:
      • Director's Office
      • Fiscal Operations
        • Agency
        • Business Enterprise Program(BEP)
        • Delaware Industries for the Blind (DIB)
    • Business Related Functions:
      • Business Enterprise Program(BEP)
      • Delaware Industries for the Blind(DIB) - Promotional Products
    • Client Services:
      • Education Services
        • Case management, referrals, services, birth to graduation or age 21
      • Independent Living Services
        • Case Management, Referral Services
      • Orientation and Mobility (travel skills training)
      • Training Center Services
        • Assistive Technologies
      • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
        • Providing services or devices to obtain or maintain employment
Directions: Please follow the written directions or the red dots on the map below to the Biggs Building.

  1. Right from Route 13 South(North duPont Highway) into Delaware Health and Social Services'(DHSS) Herman M. Holloway Campus
  2. Right onto DHSS traffic circle
  3. Right onto North Loop (1st turn or "A" on the map)
  4. Left at first intersection(point "Q" on the map)
  5. The Biggs Building is the first building on the right.
  6. There are six entrances to the Biggs Building which are indicated on the map below as follows:
    • DMS IRM - red circle
    • DMS ARMS - red triangle
    • DSS DCIS II - red "X"
    • DVI/DIB- red square
      Likewise, the back entrance to DIB can be obtained by following the directions on the Biggs Gym page.
    • DVI/DIB Promotional Products Showroom - red "+"