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  1. Community Mental Health Clinics  
  2. Mobile Crisis Intervention Services
    • If you are having a psychiatric or substance abuse crisis and need assistance, call: (800) 652-2929
    • Provides 24 hour Mobile Crisis Intervention services.
    • Helps assist clients 18 years and older, with severe personal, family or marital problems.

    Crisis Intervention Treatment Services
    Location Phone Numbers
    New Castle County  
    NCC Crisis Intervention Services
    Herman Holloway Campus, Springer Building, 1901 N. DuPont Hwy., New Castle
    Staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    Covers all of New Castle County and provides field and office visits.
    (302) 577-2484
    800) 652-2929
         (TOLL FREE)
    C.A.P.E.S. Unit
    Wilmington Hospital Emergency Department
    (302) 428-2118
    During normal business hours staff assigned to the Georgetown Community Mental Health Center (CMHC)
    and the Dover CMHC Front Door Teams will handle crisis calls. 
    Kent County  
    Community Mental Health - Dover Facility   (302)857-5000
    Sussex County  
    Community Mental Health - Georgetown Facility   (302)856-5490
    Community Mental Health - Ellendale Crisis Facility   (302)345-6785
    Milford and Ellendale Crisis Intervention Hours: Monday - Friday 12 pm to 8 am; 24 hours on weekends and holidays.
    Adequate response times to all areas of Kent and Sussex County.
    (800) 345-6785
        (TOLL FREE)
  3. Delaware Psychiatric Center  
    • Provides psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and inpatient treatment.

    Delaware Inpatient Treatment Services
    Location Phone Numbers
    Herman M. Holloway, Sr. Campus   (302) 255-2700
  4. Substance Abuse  
    • Provides substance abuse treatment and prevention services.
    • Refers and treat persons who present with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders.
    • Treatment Access Center   (TASC): Provides assessment and case management services for clients sentenced by the Drug Court.
    Substance Abuse Treatment Services
    Location Phone Numbers
    New Castle County  
    Brandywine Counseling, Inc. (302) 472-0381
    Treatment Access Center - Wilmington Facility   (302) 577-2711
    Connections Community Support Programs, Inc. (302) 454-7520
    Connections Community Support Programs, Inc.(Toll Free Number) (866) 477-5345
    New Castle County Detoxification (Kirkwood) (302) 691-0140
    Kent County  
    Connections Community Support Programs, Inc. (302) 672-9360
    Treatment Access Center - Dover Facility   (302) 857-5000
    Kent/Sussex County Counseling (302) 735-7790
    Sussex County  
    Treatment Access Center - Georgetown Facility   (302) 857-5000
    Kent/Sussex County Counseling (302) 854-0172
    Thresholds (302) 856-1835

For further contact information, please see our Contact Info  page.

Last Updated: Thursday July 24 2014
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