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Respite is a service designed to give caregivers a break from the stress of taking care of an individual with special needs.

Some respite options include:

  • a private provider/person of your choice
  • a DDDS Shared Living Provider Home
  • a DDDS Residential Program

Please understand that the requests for a DDDS respite provider or residential program are subject to availability.

What must I do to get Respite?

Your request will be reviewed and considered based on availability of DDDS resources, individual family circumstances/ need and the previous fiscal year usage (fiscal year is July 1- June 30), Our goal is to provide you with a response to your request within five woring days.

Steps to obtaining Respite:

DDDS MUST have 2 to 4 weeks notice prior to requested respite date

  • Call your coordinator Bonnie Hummer: Provide dates of Respite, type needed, any new updates to the individuals case (medication changes behavioral information, Day Program / updates), address verification.
  • The Coordinator will send respite agreements/contracts to you. Sign and return them to the Coordinator ASAP.
  • Payments requests will not be submitted until the end of the respite and only in the signed contract is returned to the Coordinator.
  • The reimbursement process normally takes 6 weeks from the ending date of your respite.
  • Signed agreements/contracts received more than 60 days past the Respite may NOT be honored for payment.


Bonnie Hummer